Easy to use, no coding required, create and manage your Mobile App 

Promote your own brand with you Mobile App

Mobile app has become part of our everyday life, bringing us incredible convenient. You can connect closely with your user via mobile app. Every business, organization can make a mobile app with specific requirement.

Personalized app design

You can select themes as you wish, also enable different functions and choose different layouts.

DIY selection menu function, update your Mobile App in real time

Appkuma content management supports desktop and mobile view.
You can update content in real time, add new item, publish a questionnaire, make an appointment, live chat with users, upload videos, edit your app layout etc. It’s quick and convenient.

Use your mobile phone to manage app content and customer services!

Appkuma simplifies complicated management procedure. Use your phone to directly contact your user, make coupons, post new updates, effectively keep active.

Kuma message

Reply to multiple users simultaneously

Appkuma developed kuma message, enable multiple staff reply to different customers at the same time, better than Whatsapp on keeping connect to your customers.

Upload photos/deposit slip

Kuma message support uploading photos, easy to process bank transfer payment process. With a better communication platform, the processing time of each order is highly reduced.

Content management page

Immediate publish photos and texts, omitted App Store verification.

Publish updates on Appkuma management page, the content in mobile app will update itself, omitted App Store verification, time is money.

Sync with Facebook page

Appkuma can automatically sync from your Facebook page posts, post only once on Facebook and save your time.

Push notification for coupons

Utilize push notification for special deals

Utilize push notification function, notify customer about news feed and limited time deal on their phone, customers can receive the notification even without opening the app.

Limited O2O coupons to attract customers

Using limited O2O coupons feature from Appkuma, bringing your online customers to your physical store to spend more.

Optimized Design, for varies businesses

Retail or online store

Making your online store a mobile app

Using Appkuma platform, you can easily make you existing online store a mobile app. Mobile app brings a very interactive experiment to the customers, creating a more efficient sales platform.

Support multiple online store system

Appkuma support Shopline, Magento and more mobile version online store system, you can also select our Mshop online store services, instantly create your online store.

All professions, company or organization

Add webpage add-ons freely, increase productivity

Appkuma platform supports adding different webpage add-ons, for example Google form, Calendar, Booking, Paypal etc. Suitable for retail, beauty, cosmetic, education, music, fashion, food, playground etc …

Systematic record customers’ requirements

Customers can submit forms in real time, easy and convenient, exerting the potential of mobile app.

Personalized brand

Support multiple currency

In addition to our online store, Appkuma also supports paypal (Visa/Master/AE) payment methods, easy to receive payment from different places.

Paypal function features

Paypal supports Hong Kong and other 203 countries markets and 26 currency. Also, every qualified sales transaction is protected by Paypal “Seller Protection”, a safe and reputation guarantee online payment method.

There are already more than 500+ users using Appkuma to make their own mobile app

Try now and it takes only 5 minutes to build your brand and boost your business!